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Welcome to my website. I made it because -- contrary to what you might think of a person who aspires to perform in front of large crowds, or on screens -- I'm loathe to self-promote. I can't curate an Instagram for shit. I made a Facebook fan page once, but it has remained unchanged as the day it was born. But then, I am also up to my eyeballs in opinions and musings and things I'd like to create. I need somewhere to share them without likes, comments and the pink noise of social media. Here is where you'll find clips of recent film/tv work, thoughts on current events, poems for friends and lovers, shameless promotion for upcoming work, and other pieces of myself. I have a hard time letting things go, so they'll be served as they come out of the kitchen (read: slowly).


A bit about me: I'm an actress, and a writer. My father was an actor. I grew up in theater (sometimes I literally lived in theaters). I've had incredible opportunities from a very young age to perform with artists whose work I love and respect. Spike Lee took a chance on me when I was just 12, working on his short film, Jesus Children of America, opposite Rosie Perez and Andre Royo. Jada Pinkett Smith gave me the opportunity of a lifetime when I was offered the role of her daughter, Camille, on TNT's Hawthorne. I never thought I could do comedy until Steve Coogan and Shalom Auslander showed me how dark comedies are made, on Showtime's Happyish. I'm feeling lucky to have established myself in television, which is having such an unexpected renaissance, rich with new methods of consumption, and audiences begging for more diverse and creative stories; stories I hope to tell. Thank you for visiting. Look out for information on the release of Girl Talk, a queer short written and directed by Erica Rose, my friend and collaborator.




Melissa Breaux & Katherine Atkinson  Washington Square Films

Rachel Altman &         Ellen Gilbert        Paradigm Agency

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